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Angling Bye Laws
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  1. The asssociation's boundaries are from Portland Lighthouse West along the coastline to the Old Severn Bridge including all the tidal waters within these boundaries.
  2. The entry into any competition shall be taken as acceptance of the rules laid down for the competition and the decision of the Committee or the appointed stewards, upon any point that may arise, shall be taken as final.
  3. A competitor may choose to fish with two rods & lines with not more than three hooks and three baits in total attached,as in previous years.Alternatively,he or she may now choose  to fish with two rods & lines each terminating in a pennel rig.Only a single bait is permitted to be fished on each pennel rig.effectively you can fish two sets of rods,lines & terminal tackle,each with two hooks,but with only one single bait on each set of two hooks on each pennel rig.From boat the maximum distance between the eyes of the pair of hooks on each pennel rig is permitted to be a maximum of 20cm.From shore the distance between the eyes of the pair of pennel hooks is 10cm,this is accordance with Angling Trust rules.
  4. That any fish will be disqualified if the angler allows any other person to cast the line, or play, or land the fish, except in the case of special dispensation for invalids.Assistance may be accepted by the use of net or gaff,or in baiting or taking the fish off the hook.
  5. No fish will be accepted or weighed of less weight or length than that specified by the minimum size list of the Angling Trust.Only whole fish to be weighed in, mutilated or frozen fish to be disqualified.Angling members must not weigh or witness their own fish.
  6. No angling member can win more than one of the Associations cups or trophies with any one fish.
  7. A shore station is defined as any beach,pier,harbour,rock or place that does not rise and fall with the tide.A boat station is defined as any place that rises and falls with the tidal waters,for example boats or pontoons etc.
  8. All fish to be weighed in within 24 hours of capture by any member from the fishing committee or Management committee or an approved member of the Association, and witnessed by a senior member at the Associations Headquarters.The weigh in form to be submitted to the Records Officer of the Association within 7 seven daysfrom the date of capture.Fish must only be weighed in once and detailed after weighing,excepting when live fish are being returned after weigh in. Weigh in of fish at the Associations Headquarters does not apply if: A weigh in undertaken at any angling festival, Open Competition or similar event when fish must be weighed at the time & place specified.An officially signed form from such an event will be accepted by the Association if submitted to the Records Officer within 7 days from date of capture. Members angling outside of the Associations boundaries and cannot return to the Associations Headquarters to weigh in,then fish must be weighed on officially certified scales at an official weigh in station or other angling club headquarters. An officially signed form will be accepted by the Association if submitted to the Records Officer within 7 days of capture,for the Best Fish outside club waters award only. Members are angling outside the Associations boundaries,and returning to the Associations Headquarters to weigh in,the fish will only qualify for the Best Fish outside club waters award only.
  9. The Associations cups & trophies may not be taken further than aradius of 20 miles from the Associations Headquarters.All cups & trophies to be returned to the cup custodian by 30th November of the year of presentation for engraving of names of winners.
  10. The use of treble hooks is not permitted ,with the exceptance of plug or pirk type lures,which are permissible when used alone.
  11. Fish are demed to be foul hooked if the hook is not in the mouth.Foul hooked fish must not be weighed in for PSAA cups,trophies,leagues or competitions.
  12. Anging members of the Association must only register fish with PSAA and/or national specialist angling organisations.
  13. The limit for inshore boat shall be 6 miles.Fish taken from more than 6 miles or from wrecks shall be deemed as wreck. fish taken from wrecks within the 6 mile limit shall be deemed as wreck.

General Notes on Weigh-in Procedure.

  • On this website you will find full listings of specimen weights,minimum sizes,club records,leagues and competitions for the current fishing year,which runs from the 1st December to 30th November.  
  • When you come to the clubhouse to weigh-in a fish for competitions, cups, medals,etc,here are a few guidelines to follow,for more details see Angling Bye-Laws above.
  • All fish must be weighed-in within 24 hours of capture.A Fishing Committee or Management Committee member has to weigh the fish for you,(a full list of committee members are posted on this website,the weigh-in room at the club or on the clubs notice board). All weigh-in forms must be signed & print name by a committee member,but the witness can be any member.
  • You must then place your weigh-in form on the clipboard in the main bar area,and they are then processed by the Records Officer.
  • All forms must be placed on the clipboard within 7 days of capture.
  • The exception of the above rule is when members are fishing for the leagues,when weigh-in forms must be placed on the clipboard on the same day that you weigh your fish,otherwise your fish will be disqualified from the league.
  • It is your responsibility to check your weigh-in form after weigh-in as mistakes cannot be altered afterwards,if you want to be eligible for all the Associations trophies & leagues.
  • You can weigh-in your fish whenever the clubhouse is open,telephone numbers of committee members are on the notice board if a committee member is not present when you come to weigh-in your fish.
  • You can only weigh-in your fish once. It should be detailed after it has been weighed. One fish will only take one trophy. 

The Clubs Opening Hours are as Follows:

 Monday  -    Thursday

  7.30pm - 10.00pm

 Saturday  2.00pm - 10.00pm
 Sunday5.00pm - 10.00pm
Bank holidaysSee Club Notice board or Website
Subject to change

Please Remember - you cannot weigh your own fish.


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