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  1. THE CLUB: The Association shall be called 'The Paignton Sea Anglers' Association. The Headquarters shall be at such place as the committee shall from time to time determine.
  2. The objects of the Asscoiation are to encourage angling and to foster fellowship among anglers.
  3. The Associations year shall be from 1st December to 30th November.
  4. Paignton Sea Anglers Association shall not be held responsible for any matter arising from any alteration of these rules or otherwise,or for any damage,loss or injury incurred or substained by any member or person.
  5. TRUSTEES: The assets of the association are vested in four trustees to be dealt with by them as the committee shall from time to time by resolution direct. The trustees shall be indemnified out of the assets of the association against any risk and expense incurred by them in pursuance of their office. whenever any vacancy occurs amonst the four trustees,the remaining trustees shall elect a replacement after taking into account any recommendations which may be made by the management committee.
  6. MEMBERSHIP: The Membership of the association shall comprise the following categories:

    Membership fees are reviewed yearly.
    Fees shown are for (1st Dec. 2015 - 30th Nov. 2016)

    Angling (Full) Membership
    It shall be a requisite of angling membership that the member be a bona fide angler.New angling applicants must be seconded by a current member of the fishing committee.AGM 2003.

    Non member entry fee
    For entry, usable six times before membership is required.

     Honorary Membership
    The Management committee may also elect annually Honorary Members who shall not be required to pay any subscription fees.


     Ordinary Membership
    Does not confer the right to enter the various angling competitions organised by the Association or win the various prizes offered.

     Temporary Membership
    Temporary membership shall be available to any visitor and for the purposes of these rules a visitor shall be deemed to be a person whose permanent address is outside a twenty mile radius from the railway station at Paignton,provided however that (a) a such visitor is a bona fide angler or (b) the visitor is a guest of an angling or associate member.Temporary membership is limited to four weeks in any calendar year to any visitor. Temporary membership may be granted by two members of the Management Committee forthwith if the said management committee do not have a meeting appropriately scheduled,such applications shall,however be subject to the applicant being purposed & seconded by two members of the association on the form supplied for that purpose & accompanied by the appropriate subscription & the management committee shall have power to accept or reject it regardless of whether the secretary or treasurer has accepted the subscription.Further the proposed temporary member shall not be able to purchase liquor until two clear days after their application has been granted. They may however participate immediately in the angling activities only of the association though they will not be eligible to compete for the associations annual trophies with the exception of the visitors cup. 
    �3 per week

    Senior Membership (16s & 17 year olds)
    Senior Members shall be under the age of 18 but shall be aged at least 16 and either a bona fide angler or a member of the family of an adult member but in such latter case,the senior member shall only be allowed on Association premises when accompanied by an adult member.  

    Sporting Membership
    A sporting member must be registered with a sporting team from within the club e.g Skittles,Darts,Quiz,Pool

    Junior Membership
    It shall be a requisite of junior membership that the member be under the age of 16,and either a bona fide angler or a member of the family of an adult member,but in latter case the junior member shall only be allowed on Association premises when accompanied by an adult member.  


    The Management Committee shall have power to limit the number of members of whatever category. 

  7. Applicants desiring Membership of any description shall be proposed & seconded by two members of the Association on the forms supplied for that purpose. All applications shall be accompanied by the appropriate subscription.The application forms shall be displayed on the Associations notice board for two clear days before being brought before the Committee.The Management Committee shall have power to accept or reject any application.

  8. The Secretary or Treasurer shall have the power to accept subscriptions from proposed members but no proposed member shall be able to purchase liquor in,or to use the full privilages of,the Association or its premises without an interval of at least two days between their becoming members and their admission. Election to membership has to be confirmed by the management committee.

  9. The annual subscription shall be paid during the month of November and by the start of the Associations year on the 1st December.Any member whose subscription is not paid by the 1st December shall be considered to be in arrears and not eligible to enter into the Associations Competitions or to use the associations facilities until his/hers application form duly signed,proposed and seconded and subscription has been received by the Secretary ot Treasurer.The subscriptions for all categories of membership shall be determined only by the Management Committee prior to the start of the associations year on the 1st December.

  10. Members under the age of 18, ordinary members and temporary members are not allowed to vote at meetings of the Association.

  11. A current list of members of the association,with their addresses,shall be kept on the associations premises by the Assistant Secretary.Every member shall within 14 days give notice to the secretary of any change of address in writing.

  12. The Management Committee shall have full powers to terminate the membership of any person who fails to comply with the rules of the association or whose general conduct,in the opinion of the committee is injurious to the character or interest of the association.The Management Committee shall reserve the right to terminate such membership without explanation to the member.  Any person whose membership is terminated shall have the right to appeal the decision; this must be made in writing within 10 days to the club secretary following notification of termination AGM 2013

  13. Any member may resign their membership by notice in writing to the Secretary of such resignation.Any person shall,on ceasing to be a member of the Association,forfeit all rights or claim upon the Association,its property or funds.

  14. In the event of any member being reported as guilty of any violation of the rules & bye-laws or acting in a way derogatory to the interests of the Association,the management committee shall be convened and an enquiry held to decide if there be cause for expulsion,in accordance with rule 12.Any member so expelled to lose all rights of membership without any part of their subscription being refunded.

  15. GUESTS:  Members may indroduce a guest on signing a book for that purpose,provided the name & address of such guest is duly recorded in the book. Guests whether introduced by one or more members shall be restricted to six visits per annum. Guests shall be permitted to pay for refreshments (AGM 2006.)

  16. MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE:  The affairs & conduct of the Association shall be managed by a committee consisting of the President of the Association,the Chairman of the Management Committee,Bar Chairman,the Chairman of Fishing,Entertainments,Bar & Building Committees,the Treasurer,the Assistant Treasurer,the Secretary,the Assistant Secretary,the Minute Clerk,the Cup Custodian and the Records Officer together with six elected Anglers. In the event of one or more of the following posts not being filled at the Annual General Meeting then the Management Committee may choose to assume the responsibility for the duties of the vacant post for that year.   Bar Chairman - Fishing Chairman - Entertainment Chairman - Building Committee - Assistant Treasurer - Assistant Secretary - Minute Clerk - Cup Custodian - Records Officer.

  17. The President,Chairman of the Management Committee,Treasurer and Secretary shall be ex - officio members of all committees.

  18. The officers and all other members of the management committee shall be elected at the annual general meeting and the committee shall have the power to make bye-laws,deal with matters not expressly provided for in the rules,and elect members to all vacanies which may arise during the year.

  19. The Management Committee shall have power to add to their number.

  20. All nominations for Association officers,and member of the management committee shall be posted on the Associations notice board at least two weeks prior to the AGM,such nominations shall be duly signed by the proposer and seconder. No nominations will be accepted later than two weeks prior to the AGM,unless it shall first be accepted as a valid nomination by 51% of the voting members present and voting at the AGM.Abstentions are not counted as votes.

  21. There shall be Fishing,Entertainments,Bar and Building Sub-Committees whose members shall be elected by the Management Committee and thereafter by the Sub- Committees themselves,subject to the approval of the management committee.The sub-committees shall have no power to involve the Association in any liability or to incur any expenditure without the consent of the management committee.

  22. The cup custodian and records officer shall be members of the fishing sub-committee.There shall be a publicity officer who also shall be a member of the fishing sub-committee.The publicity officer shall be elected at the AGM but in the event of no such election shall be elected or co-opted as the case may be by the management committee.

  23. No serving officer or member of any committee of Paignton Sea Anglers may serve as an officer or on the committee of another angling club or association unless by full authority of the management committee of Paignton Sea Anglers Association.Such permission shall only be given if (a) the Management Committee are unanimously satisfied that the affairs of the PSAA are not adversely affected and that the duties of the officer or member are not prejudiced and or (b) that the club concerned is,by virtue of its rules and title a 'specialist' club. 

  24. The President of the Association will take the chair at all AGMs. The chairman of the Management Committee will take the chair at all Management Meetings.  In their absence,alternatively the chairman of the fishing committee and the bar chairman will take the chair. Six members of the management committee shall form a quorum at all Association meetings.

  25. (a) The Treasurer shall pay all monies received into an account(s) in the name and under control of the Association at Lloyds Bank Ltd,Paignton or such other bank as the management committee may from time to time determine,and shall pay any account passed by the management committee by cheque to be signed by any two of the President,the Chairman of management,the Treasurer or Secretary. Disbursements from the Associations funds shall be by the discretion of the committee. (b) The treasurer shall arrange with the associations accountant to prepare a Balance sheet of receipts and expenditure for presentation to members at the AGM.

  26. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to attend to all correspondence,record the proceedings of the committee and general meetings in a minute book together with a record of the names of those present at each meeting,receive subscriptions and pay over all money received to the treasurer,to give at least ten days notice of any general meeting.

  27. GENERAL MEETINGS:   The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in February of each year. The Management Committee shall be empowered to call any extraordinary general meeting which they may deemed necessary.

  28. These rules may only be altered at the AGM or an extraordinary general meeting called for that purpose and only then if notice of details of the motion is forwarded to the Secretary in writing at least 14 days before that meeting and members are aquainted with such notice and details 7 days before the meeting is held by the notice of the motion being posted on the Associations notice board. A resolution altering these rules shall not be deemed to have been passed until 80% of the voting members present and voting at any general meeting shall have voted in favour of the resolution.Abstentions will not be counted as a vote. Members under 18,and junior members may attend the Associations General Meetings but shall not be entitled to vote and shall not be eligible for any official position in the Association except an Junior Representative. ordinary members Sporting Members and Temporary members shall not be entitled to vote.

  29. Matters not provided for in these rules may be dealt with by the management committee,who may refer them to the next general meeting or,if urgent may make a decision and such decision is final.the management committee will meet monthly,unless important issues arise involving the immediate interest of the Association,which may warrant a special meeting,in which case the President or Chairman of the association may call a special committee meeting.  

  30. BAR:  The bar committee shall be in sole control of the purchase and distribution of liquor & tobacco and cause an account of all purchases and receipts to be kept for the information of the treasurer and shall at every AGM present a report of the general and financial stuation for the proceeding year.They shall also furnish the secretary all particulars necessary to enable him to make such statements as required by the Licensing Authority.

  31. The statutory notice regarding the use of the associations club room by children and young persons together with the times of opening and closing the club shall be prominently displayed on the notice board in the clubhouse.Hours of opening shall not exceed those permitted by the Licensing Authority.No person under the age of 18 may be served,or purchase or consume intoxicationg liquor on the Associations premises.

  32. No article of liquor shall be supplied except to members or guests (see rule 15) in the Associations club room. Members of visiting sporting teams shall be deemed to be temporary members of the club for the duration of their visit only and without any payment for temporary membership fee being required.

  33. Members of the Association using the associations premises shall at any time conform to the laws and statutes which apply to registered clubs,and it shall be the duty of any officer,committee member or club steward to see that these laws and statutes are rigidly enforced. All members of sporting teams representing the association must be fully paid up member.

  34. Angling Trust:  This association is affiliated to the Angling Trust and it shall be the duty of the treasurer to pay the affiliated fee to that body on 1st January of each year.

  35. In all festivals and competitions the members must fish in accordance with the rules of the Angling Trust and the Paignton Sea Anglers Association.

  36. Only sizeable fish as specified in the A.T. schedule,or as mentioned in the regulations issued by the DEFRA,shall be weighed in at any competition held by the association,and any competitor accepting fish sizeable or under-sized from any person during a competition shall be disqualified and,if a member,they shall be expelled from the association. The committee may make conditions for competitions and the award of prizes providing no infringement is made upon the rules of the Angling Trust.

  37. COMPLAINTS:  Any person having a grievance or complaint to make in connection with the Association must state it in writing to the Secretary.

  38. DISSOLUTION OF CLUB:  If at any General Meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the club is passed by a majority of the members present and at a special meeting held not less than six weeks later of which not less than four weeks written notice has been given to each member and at which not less than one-half of the members are present that resolution is confirmed by a resolution passed by a majority of two-thirds of the membersvoting on it,the committee must immediately,or at such future date as is specified in the resolution,proceed to realise the property of the cluband after the discharge of all liabilites must pay such realised property to a charity to be nominated by the Management Committee at that time and on the completion of the said payment the club will be dissolved.

  39. Non Profit Making Organisation
     Paignton Sea Anglers is a non profit making organisation. All income received shall be applied solely to the promotion of the objectives of the club. No member shall receive payment from PSAA other than the reimbursment of reasonable fees and expenses necessarily incurred in the furtherance of the objectives of the club AGM 2013       

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